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Universal 7inch Car Radio

Universal 7inch Car Radio

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Revolutionize your driving experience with the Universal 7inch Car Radio, PAD3 Generation, available exclusively at PRIME DRIVE MOB! Elevate your service and boost your tips effortlessly with seamless connectivity and immersive entertainment.

Install with ease and maintain your car's original setup while unlocking the power of wireless Carplay & Android Auto. Stay connected with dual device connectivity and Bluetooth support for hands-free calls and streaming. Enjoy your favorite tunes and videos via SD card or USB flash drive for a personalized driving experience.

Mounting is a breeze with the suction stand or adhesive, ensuring your PAD3 screen stays securely in place for uninterrupted enjoyment. Simply plug into your car's cigarette charger for instant power and entertainment.

Advice: Impress your passengers with a seamless and convenient ride! Engage them with wireless connectivity and crystal-clear sound, setting the stage for a memorable journey. Upgrade your ride today with PAD3 Generation and watch your tips soar!

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